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  • Want to lose weight and finding it hard, Tried every diet/eating plan and NOTHING works?
  • Concerned that you won’t know anyone, that you are too unfit, will look silly as you can’t tell your left from your right, worried you will stand out?
  • Don’t want to spend a fortune on special equipment and clothing
  • Want to feel motivated in fun friendly atmosphere, to be with people JUST LIKE YOU.



Fitness & Lifestyle Classes in North Wales

We offer solutions!

If you are lacking body confidence and self esteem, perhaps tired of following restrictive diets or feel you’ve hit a weight loss wall?  Then we have the answer!  We have a range of options to suit your needs and your budget.

Our weekly classes offer the opportunity for you to take part in fun fitness sessions with an optional weight management aspect and this is a very cost effective way to get fit and healthy.    BUT if its a more supported and intensive programme you are looking for, then we have that option too – a BRAND NEW 12 week Health & Fitness Programme called Gold Leaf.


We simply LOVE Fitness…

Our exercise sessions are fun and suitable for everyone no matter what age or ability! We offer a variety of exercise classes including Aerobics, HiiT, Fitness Pilates, Combat, Dance Aerobics and even Boot Camps – so there’s something for everyone!  Even if exercise has never been your thing, then we’re sure you’ll soon change your mind with us.

Weight Matters…

We have a very fresh  approach to weight management.  We’re not into ‘quick fix’ diets, as what we want is to change your attitude to food so that you adopt a healthy eating approach which is sustainable over time.  As a result, we don’t believe that you should hop on and off the scales each week and would rather you review progress on a monthly basis.  That’s why we run our ‘Weight Matters’ club on the first week of every month.  We don’t just look at your weight, but also your full body composition i.e. body fat%, muscle mass, metabolic age etc. AND we also check measurements, which is another way to monitor progress.  This approach is backed up by the country’s leading nutritionists and other health experts.


We offer fantastic support right from the very start of your journey.  We are always here to help and encourage you to achieve the very best results.


Our approach to nutrition is based on healthy eating and not faddy diets! We promote good food, portion control and a regular eating regime.  We also work with Pat Mowll, an experienced Registered Nutritional Therapist and our Gold Leaf 12 week programme includes consultations with Pat where you will be given a bespoke food plan to follow.  Good food and healthy eating means better health!

  . .Results For Life

If you follow our proven system we can guarantee results.

Many things will change your weight, your energy, your outlook and your life!


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