Cardio Workout

The Cardio Workout That Leaves Nobody Behind

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Our Cardio Workout here  across Anglesey & North Wales is a 45 minute exercise session designed to safely increase your heart rate over time  . . .  (hence the name cardio) and hold it at a peak to give maximum health benefits.

We then reduce the intensity of the exercise to lower the heart rate and return it to its pre-exercise state.

Cardio exercise is good for your health and can bring about amazing benefits such as lower resting heart rate, weight loss, reduced stress, reduced risk or heart disease or stroke – the list goes on and on!

The best bit about our Cardio Workout is its fun to do!

We vary the type of exercise from traditional aerobics, to combat and just about anything in-between. Our sessions are suitable for everyone, no matter what age or ability. We are experts at teaching in an adaptive style so that participants can work at different levels within the same session.

Please don’t worry if you think you have two left feet….

You will be just fine! As mentioned, our Cardio Workout lasts 45 minutes and follows the following format:

  • 10 minute warm up including preparatory stretches
  • 25 minute cardio/aerobic workout
  • 10 minutes toning/stretching
  • Come along and join one of Cardio Workout sessions and you’ll soon be feeling the benefits.

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