Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates With Freda Fitness

What is Fitness Pilates?Fitness-Pilates-Logo

The aim of Fitness Pilates is to identify basic postural imbalances and through Pilates based exercises:

* Increase muscular balance and strength

* Improve posture

* Facilitate the ability to optimally function occupationally and recreationally

* Improve Core and Back Strength

The Pilates technique focuses on strengthening the centre (core) by relearning the mind and body to recruit core muscles. Basic Pilates involves finding and maintaining the neutral position during standing, prone (facing the floor) and supine (facing upwards) positions.

* Contraction of the TA (Transverse Abdominis) and pelvic floor

* Maintaining stabilization of the core muscles whilst being challenged by movement of the limbs

* Increased flexibility and strength of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine


Where does Fitness Pilates fit in with other Pilates programmes?

pilates image black and whiteFitness Pilates is a group exercise programme designed to enhance the posture, strength, balance and stability of a healthy adult. It is based upon the teachings of Joseph Pilates and effective exercise prescription. It is not remedial, clinical or diagnostic in its approach but has its base firmly in group fitness.


Is Fitness Pilates suitable for everyone?

It is a group exercise programme and is not designed for people who have a chronic back problem or anyone who is pregnant. This exercise course is designed to enhance your overall fitness levels and should not replace your current exercise regime.


Want to join our Fitness Pilates course?

We run our Fitness Pilates classes as a course of 5 and charge £30 for the course.