Gentle Exercise

Gentle Exercise Classes For Anyone Who Wants A Lighter Exercise Alternative

Gentle ExerciseGentle Exercise Classes

Our Gentle Exercise classes across Anglesey & North Wales is particularly suited to people who can’t or don’t want to do high intensity exercise, but still want to keep active and stay healthy.   Low impact gentle exercise really can help you burn calories, lose weight  and improve your fitness levels so is a great alternative for lots of people.  

Our sessions are friendly and fun and lots of friendships have been made from joining us at class. 

We vary the style of exercise which can range from a cardio workout to strength and conditioning, toning and we occasionally throw into the mix more dance based routines like FITSTEPS.

We don’t generally do any floor work using mats, but instead work and tone our muscles from a standing position or using a chair.

Our gentle exercise session is particularly relevant for anyone with:-

  • Injuries in the joints, bones or connective tissue
  • Problems like arthritis or osteoporosis
  • Being a beginning exerciser
  • Being very overweight
  • An aversion to high impact exercise

As with all of our exercise sessions, you will be asked to complete a health screening form and we will discuss your particular needs at that time.  It may be necessary to seek your GP’s consent prior to exercising with us, but they are normally very supportive and will encourage you to take part in our sessions.  

Come along and find out for yourself.

The list of all our classes are here