Step to It Summer Challenge

Step to It Summer Challenge
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Summer Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge

nhs 12 week diet plan

This week sees the start of Ffitrwydd Freda Fitness’ Summer Challenge called ‘Step To It’!  We’ve had our 3 bank holidays in a row and now that Summer holidays are looming – its time to take action!

Over the next few weeks we will be following the principles of our  ‘Step to a Stone’ challenge that so many of you did really well with last year.  But in addition you will receive a weekly handout taken from the NHS losing weight plan.  This plan is a really sensible guide, and if followed correctly, you will achieve a steady weight loss throughout the period.


Just as we did last year, you will be asked to walk a minimum of 6,000 steps a day, therefore  I would encourage you to buy a decent pedometer (most of you have heard of the FITBIT devices, but there are loads of alternatives within a wide price range).  Don’t worry if you have a holiday planned as you can book your time off as part of the challenge although you are not off the hook as you can still do lots of walking and exercise when you’re away!


The weekly weight loss plan encourages you to reduce the amount of calories you consume whilst increasing your activity levels. It recommends a maximum of 1400 calories a day for a women and 1900 calories for men. However, everyone is different and it may be that your current weight, bmi or eating habits means a slight adjustment to these maximums.


The plan contains lots of tools and helpful advice that will keep you on track and you will receive your weekly handout when you come to class each week.  Any missed weeks will be issued when you next come to class so that by the end you will have the complete set of 12  handouts.


As you can imagine, the cost of getting these plans printed has been considerable, we are therefore charging £5.00 for this Summer Challenge….  remember, that includes all your handouts, your challenge card PLUS we have a PRIZE DRAW at the end for everyone who has completed the steps challenge and/or has achieved a 7lb weight loss in the 12 weeks!  If you don’t want the weekly plans and just want to do the steps part – that’s fine – cost is then £3.00 to enter!  So its entirely up to you…


The Prize is a Debenhams silver VIP Voucher with £50 to spend, plus free makeover and a personal shopper to help you spend your money.   Remember, if you count steps and are doing the plan with us and lose 7lbs , then you could get two entries!


Lets get this Summer started then and we’ll soon be feeling absolutely fabulous!

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