Weigh and Exercise Sessions

Weigh and Exercise Sessions For All

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Are you struggling to reach or maintain a healthy weight?

Our weigh and exercise sessions offer the very best service and will help you regain focus, stay motivated and achieve a healthy BMI across Anglesey & North Wales.

The weigh in aspect is discrete and offers 1:1 time with Freda or Shan who will help you set goals and review your progress on a weekly basis. The weigh in is followed by a short informative group talk, where we acknowledge the achievement of goals or milestones, but we are very sensitive to the needs of individuals with regards to privacy.

For members who pay monthly, we also include a periodic health check using our body composition scales, giving body fat %, visceral fat readings, levels of hydration and metabolic age. This information helps us monitor improvements that we might not otherwise see using traditional scales.

Here is the format of a regular weigh and exercise session.

  • Weigh in and 1:1 consultation with Freda or Shan
  • Review of targets/goals
  • Group discussion
  • Certificates of achievement
  • Exercise session lasting 45 minutes

Success can be measured in lots of different ways and yes, we have members who look wonderful having lost weight and achieved a healthy BMI.

But for others, success is about seeing a reduction in cholesterol, blood pressure or no longer being borderline diabetic.

So whether you have a lot or a little to lose, come along and see us and we can work together to achieve your goals.

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